Date: Monday, February 2, 2009
Time: 12:00-1:30pm
Pendergast Learning Center
(Meeting will be captured on ustream if technology cooperates) Note: technology didn't cooperate and we weren't able to record the meeting on
Members in attendance: Laurie King, Peggy George, Rosy Escandon, Ruth Catalano, Sunshine Darby, Penny Hudspeth, Amanda Hughens, Jan Irvin, Coy Ison (AzTEA Executive Director)
Meeting Notes submitted by Jan Irvin:


I. Welcome and Introductions
We need a volunteer for taking notes. Thanks to Jan Irvin for volunteering!

II. Business (old/new)

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)

IV. Ed Tech Website of the Month: (Postponed to March 2 meeting due to lack of time today)
Cartwright's PLC Website (Rosy Escandon)

V. Special Interest Topics
Madison SD professional development with K12 Online Conference (Kim Thomas via Skype)
Handouts describing the professional development offerings being offered to Madison teachers and an explanation about how the process works to validate the credits.

VI. Westside Workshops
February 26 (Thursday), Google Lit Trips (Revised date--please help us spread the word to your teachers when you receive the email announcement)
Workshop description and details can be viewed here on our Workshop page. (scroll down the page until you see the Google Lit Trips image)
While you're on that page, please vote on the short survey mentioned below to let us know your preferences for the remaining two Westside workshops of the year.

Input Requested: Complete the survey on your workshop preferences for topics for the remaining two workshops (scroll down to survey)
April 6 (Monday),

May 12 (Tuesday).
The Cartwright Training Center has been booked for all dates from 4:00 until 6:30.

VII. Conference Updates (Peak, Tucson, WOW)
Share highlights from T&T in Tucson.
Planning and request for help for WOW (Ruth Catalano)
Howie DiBlasi's website

VIII. Leadership Development: Managing Up 1:00-1:30pm (professional development time for anyone who wants to participate)
Inspiring people to change through story telling. (Laurie King)

Next month we will be doing "Inbox Zero"

IX. Next meeting: Date/Place/Location Confirmation
March 2, 2009 12:00-1:30pm, Pendergast Learning Center