Date: Monday, February 1, 2010
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Location: FACE-to-FACE meeting at Cartwright Training Center

Cartwright Training Center
The Cartwright Training Center is located at 4242 N. 51st Ave, Phoenix, S/W corner of Glen Rosa and 51st Ave.--1 block north of Indian School
Click on link for map to the Training Center:

In Attendance: Laura Sheehy, Sandra Israel, Ruth Catalano, Peggy George


I. Welcome

Roll Call: introductions by participants

II. Business (old/new)
a. Review/Approval of minutes
Sandy Israel motioned to approve the minutes; seconded by Peggy George. Unanimous vote for approval of minutes.
b. Secretary Position?
Still no volunteers to take the position.

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)
a. Anyone have something to share today or next time?
1) Fantastic conference: EduCon 2.2, Philadelphia, PA, Science Leadership Academy, Jan. 29-31, entire conference streamed via Elluminate: (Peggy)
Great conversations about important topics. Designed as conversations. David Jakes' conversation about learning environments of the schools of tomorrow and used Etherpad. Peggy assisted with one of the conversations on user generated education and student choice/involvement.

2) Invitation and demonstration of how to sign up to offer professional development workshops/webinars on AzTEA Elluminate site. (Peggy)
On the website, on the right side, click the link "Host a webinar". This will lead to a form to register to host a webinar. May hold a private or public meeting. Make sure to allow 30 minutes before and after sessions, but only register for actual start/end times of session.

3) Excellent listserv for Ed Tech leaders: ED TECH It's a great place to ask questions and learn about tips/tools/research, etc. from some very knowledgeable people. (Peggy)

Archives are available and searchable by thread. Moderated listserv and contains great discussions on topics.

IV. Wow Factor – PD Moment:
This section was skipped due to number of participants.
Volunteer for next time? Would anyone be interested in providing us with a short presentation for Professional Development at our next meeting?

V. Special Interest Topics:
a. Anyone else have a tech initiative to share today or at another meeting?
1) Request for Early Childhood Education resources by Sandy Israel: "Information about technology tools not typically seen in classrooms, but maybe should be (at least for the very young students). Murphy was just awarded a First Things First grant, and I made sure to include Smart Tables and Leapster products for kids to use in the Family Resource Centers." (see several resources compiled below the agenda by Peggy)
New Leapster product called Zippity. Attaches to tv and promotes active involvement with technology and learning. Link for information about Zippity:
Leapster games correspond with Open Court reading. Discussed ways to track equipment when loaned out. Murphy has a page for early learning resources.

2) Can anyone help with this request? Do you happen to know of any schools that have gone quite a way to being a 'digital' school, as far as using Web 2 is concerned? I am looking for case studies for a talk I'm giving in Singapore in March. Terry Freedman/UK (Peggy)
Suggestion of schools: Dysart School District, Scales School in Tempe, University Public Schools and Phoenix Elementary School District.

3) New program for teachers to share original teaching materials and earn money. :-) Teachers Pay Teachers This is an explanation and example from one of my teacher friends in NC:

Allows teachers to post free materials and materials for sale for your classroom. Site has a newsletter that sends information about new posts and includes 10 free downloads.

VI. Westside Workshops: Ann Lumm, Chair
a. Confirmation of workshop location for February 18, 4:30-6:00pm
(Brain Rules and Technology by Sandra Israel)
Workshop will be held at Alhambra District Office. Flyer needs to be created and sent to Ann by the end of the week. Sandy will take care of it.

b. March 24, 4:30-6:00pm (K12 Online Conference LAN Party at Catalano Conference Center) Recommendations for specific presentation to share/discuss at LAN Party? Identify 5-6 to include in a poll to select one. (Wiki with links to actual presentation descriptions/videos) (Google doc listing presenter names/titles)
Kim has already previewed a lot of the sessions. She would be a good one to contact for recommendations. What topic would teachers in general be most interested in for the session? Laura will send out an email about the presentations asking for a topic or presentation and email Kim for input. Keynotes are about an hour, rest of them are about 20 minutes. Peggy suggested focusing on the 20 minute sessions.

VII. AzTEA Board News/Conference News:

T&T Sharing/highlights - Those who attended thought it was wonderful. Laura particularly enjoyed Tony Vincent's iPod Touch presentation. He has a wonderful website with information about using the iPod Touch: He suggests ways to use the tools that are more than just playing games.
Good turnouts including the final sessions of the day.
(Peggy) Video recording of Tony Vincent's Keynote Presentation and Opening Remarks/Qwest Award Winners:
Available on AzTEA Livestream Channel:

Southern Chapter's wiki has the presentations and last year's presentations too:

VIII. WOW Planning Report: Ruth Catalano, Chair
Preview of coming attractions: Kevin Honeycutt video-"I Need My Teachers to Learn"
WOW Brainstorm.doc

Discussed 90-minute sessions and inviting presenters to ensure those are interactive and fun for attendees. Open proposals for presentations. Laura is going to contact TISs for presentation proposals. There will be a room for Qwest winners' Elluminate sessions - planning on a 50-minute session. Discussed Kevin's sessions and looked at his trainings page to look for ideas to suggest for his keynote and break-outs. Liked the idea of "connecting to the Edu-verse/self-directed staff development" and "trends, Tactics and Tools for 21st Century Learning". Also, let him know the theme and ask for his ideas. Peggy thought it would be wonderful for him to bring his guitar to play as well. In addition to the Keynote would like a Conversations with the Keynote Speaker 50 minute session and a 90-minute hand-on. Ruth would like to have the keynote determined in time for a flyer to handout Feb. 11 at Peoria.

VIV. Next meeting: March 1st - VIRTUAL via Elluminate 12:00-1:30pm

Due to the reduced turnout for face-to-face, the attendees decided to hold the next meeting via Elluminate to hopefully encourage more participation. Participants can participate as a small group. Ruth would love to have people join her for the meeting.

Peggy talked about as a replacement for Gcast. It is a cell phone and podcasting combination site.
Sandy talked about blio reader: Software to install to have a reader on mobile phones.

Sandy motioned for adjournment with a second by Peggy. Unanimous vote to adjourn.

Compilation of Early Childhood resources (websites/software) by Peggy:

What Should a Preschooler Know about Technology? (good article from Scholastic about using/choosing technology)

Technology Resources for Teachers-Early Childhood Wiki

Education World: Pre-K-2 Students Play and Learn Online

Alphabet Antics (wiki for alphabet games and videos developed by Kathy Cassidy in collaboration with other teachers)

Educational CyberPlayground recommends these sites for Kindergarten Children and Adults learning the basic of computing, internet, and technology

Early Learning Links

PBS Kids

National Geographic-Little Kids

Sesame Street Games

Global Grover Grooves (Sesame Street Game)

Kindersite-Kindersite Project for ALL preschool and Kindergarten age children and English learners.

Tikatok - create a book

ASU-Tots N Tech
TnT’s mission is to provide up-to-date information and resources about adaptations, including assistive technology, to use with infants and toddlers for states, Early Intervention providers of all disciplines, and families across the country.

FunSchool-Preschool-fun, educational games and coloring pages for Preschool kids (also games/activities for other ages)

KinderKids Draw (global project for kindergarten students-classes participate but the idea could be used by parents with their own children)
We are drawing pictures about what we learn in class, and then recording our thinking and reflections. All of our global partners will have the chance to watch and listen to our work and then use VoiceThread to comment.
Voicethread example:

Software Solutions for Preschoolers-FamilyEducation

SuperKids Software Review of Preschool/Kindergarten Software