Date: Monday, March 1, 2010
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Location: VIRTUAL meeting via Elluminate

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In Attendance: Laura Sheehy, Sandra Israel, Peggy George, Ruben Montoya, Steve Andrews

Agenda / Minutes

I. Welcome

Roll Call: introductions by participants

II. Business (old/new)
a. Review/Approval of minutes:
Motion to Approve Minutes by Sandy Israel
Seconded by Peggy George
Vote of approval: 3 approve/2 abstain

b. No other business.

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)
a. IDEAL Spring Courses Open (Laura Sheehy): IDEAL spring courses open.pdf
Check out the Spring Courses starting soon in IDEAL!
Anyone have something to share today or next time?
b. Etherpad (Peggy George) - collaborate together on notes, taken over by Google but it is going away. Links below for more information:
d. (Sandy Israel) - Free eReader software. Would love for someone to investigate it.
c. (Peggy George) as replacement for Gcast: wonderful podcasting tool with many features of Gcast (some better) and free. Use phone to create. iPhone App available too.
e. (Sandy Israel) - virtual bulletin board for sticky notes. Place points on it for discussion and then post comments. Would be good for professional development, collaboration and in the classroom. Peggy has seen teachers use it for students to add sticky notes during a class discussion and then they go back and sort/reorganize them in different ways. Great thinking tool!

IV. Wow Factor – PD Moment:
Looking for volunteer for next time.
Volunteer for next time? Would anyone be interested in providing us with a short presentation for Professional Development at our ___meeting?

V. Special Interest Topics:
a. Exciting new AzTEA webinar on Elluminate: "Mini-Geek Fest" Monthly Online Conversation (Second Monday each month: First session-March 8, 2010, 8:00-9:00pm) Co-hosts: Kim Thomas and Peggy George
Additional information and sign-up here:
Other webinars are being added to the Events Calendar that are free and open to the public. Check them out.

Peggy spoke about this new item. Kim started it at Madison. Participants are invited to contribute. There will be a wiki for storing materials and resources.

b. Anyone else have a tech initiative to share today or at another meeting?

VI. Westside Workshops: Ann Lumm, Chair
a. Workshop report from Sandy Israel: SETI – Search for Effective Technology Integration with Brain Research
Workshop was last week. Thanks to Alhambra for the great place. 10 participants from various schools were present.
b. March 24, 4:30-6:00pm (K12 Online Conference LAN Party at Catalano Conference Center) Recommendations for specific presentation to share/discuss at LAN Party? Select your first choice in this poll. Form can also be completed on the bottom of this agenda. (Wiki with links to actual presentation descriptions/videos)
Summary of responses for presentation for K12 Online Conference LAN Party:

Very enjoyable workshop in the past and a flyer will go out about the event. Select a presentation to watch and then discuss and explore. Will try to Skype in the presenter. The survey will help determine the presentation. Peggy described the presentations for us.

c. March 1, 4:30-6:00pm (Flip Video Camera/AZ Digital Nation Elluminate workshop: Kim Flack/Peggy George will co-facilitate this workshop)

Workshop will be this afternoon. Will be sharing how to use Flip Cameras and ideas for using, plus talking about AZ Digital Nation. Anyone can upload videos to AZ Digital Nation; top 5 videos will win a prize. Registration is still open. Elluminate allowed the expansion of the 50-seat license since registration was over 50. 150 signed up so far.

VII. Conference Updates (Peak, Tucson, MEC, WOW):

1) Report on WOW: Ruth Catalano

WOW Theme: Take Charge of your Learning; Creating Personal Professional Development
a. Our priorities for keynote topics and workshop for Kevin Honeycutt (best matches for our focus)? Friday evening, Sat. morning and 90-minute workshop. He will also do "Conversation with the Keynote."

I've browsed through Kevin's website and selected a few topics/presentations that might work for WOW. Can we narrow this down today so I can get in touch with him?
Conference Theme:
Way Out West Conference Series: Take Charge of Your Learning
Conference Focus: Creating Personal Professional Development

Possible Keynote Presentations for Saturday
1) Social Learning Networks
This keynote is an exploration of social networks as learning tools. Through positive examples I will invite participants to begin what I call:
Self-Directed staff development.

Consensus of Group: 2) Trends, Tools and Tactics for 21st Century Learning
This keynote is a fun look at the exciting things that happen when educators step outside their boxes and try new tools. It reinforces the importance of relationships while encouraging teachers to become learners again through positive examples of student success.

3) Connecting to the Edu-verse / Self-directed staff development (one hour presentation, whole or half day or hands on)

4) Time 2 Learn
Teachers will tell you over and over that they just need time to learn. In this session we take the time to let them explore new tools and talk to each other as they learn new, digital skills that enhance their instructional practices.

Possible Administrator Keynote Topics
Consensus of Group:1) School Leadership for the 21st Century (presentation from point of view of board member)
You can view the video of this presentation here:

2) (from article he wrote) How do we turn technology roadblocks into co-advocates for change?

Workshop Topics:
1) Before They Click...
(one hour) In this presentation I delve into the difference between firewalls and teaching kids positive behaviors with digital tools and in virtual places. I talk about cyber-bullying and offer suggestions for guiding kids away from behaviors that are damaging to victims as well as bullies. I share resources and sites that are helpful for mentors of “digital” kids. This is a balanced conversation that illuminates many positive digital tools that educators can use to bring out the best in kids.

2) Mentoring Digital Kids
(one hour) In this session I use my experience building and maintaining the ArtSnacks network. I talk about the ways we can mentor kids in virtual places and show inspiring examples of kid’s behaviors online.

Consensus of Group:3) Hooking Learners with Digital Tools

(one hour) In this session I share free tools as well as stories about schools and classrooms that have used them to engage learners and learning. I inspire educators to use exciting tools to reach even the reluctant learner.

4) Social “Learning” Networks
Teaching kids where they live
(one hour presentation, whole or half day or hands on)

5) Teaching the Civil War with Technology (one of his podcasts but he has lots to share on this topic)

Kevin's note on his site:
Tell Brenda if you’d like me to bring my guitar. I love to hang out and have fun after the serious learning is done. Sometimes extraordinary things happen in these times.

Peggy discussed the keynote and workshop topics. Those present expressed opinions for which topics sounded good. Kevin will be bringing his guitar and probably his iPhone band as well.

Ruth's WOW update (by Laura): Next committee meeting is being scheduled. Brett is working on the call for presenters. She is waiting to hear from Kellis about rooms, etc. All of the tasks have been assigned. The registration was at 14 last week. Now the focus is on spreading the word about the

2) MEC Updates: Plans for Gala Awards Luncheon from Eastside

Peggy talked about the update. Menus have been selected and arrangements made. It is a very expensive event, so it was discussed to charge for event. AzTEA membership is required for attendance. To get tickets, go by the AzTEA booth at MEC. There are a limited number of tickets.

VIII. Next meeting: - Elluminate! 12:00-1:30pm - Monday, April 5, 2010

Closing Slides

Check out AzTEA website for future events:

Motion to Adjourn: Sandy Israel
Seconded: Steve Andrews
Vote of Approval: unanimous