Date: Monday, April 4, 2011
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Location: VIRTUAL meeting via Elluminate

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In Attendance: Laura Sheehy, Sandra Israel, Peggy George, Ruth Catalano, Sally Roof, Ruben Montoya


I. Welcome
Roll Call: introductions by participants

II. Business (old/new)
a. Review/Approval of minutes: No minutes to review/approve due to canceled meeting last month.
b. Nominations for next year's officers - Vote next meeting
  • open to current AzTEA members
Co-Chairs: Laura Sheehy, Sandy Israel
Secretary: Ruben Montoya
Workshop Coordinator:
(maybe someone who has potential “school space” for face-to-face meetings)
Laura will email LeeAnn to see if she is interested in the position.
Not elected but need someone for next year’s WOW Chairperson

Discussion held about trying to find new people to ask to be officers. Meeting time can change. Maybe have a social event: fun and free to get people’s attention. Drive by and pick up something: motivational poster, flash drive, etc.

c. End of the Year Social / Budget
  • Potluck at Ruth's?
Unanimous to have potluck at Ruth's.
Prizes, drawings for potluck?
Date: May 16 – 6:30-8:30 pm
Ruth will provide ice, glasses, plates, etc. and ice cream
Google form for RSVP and what you'll bring:
Laura will send email about potluck and nominations, etc

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)

Anyone have something to share today or next time?
Sandy Israel shared Tuxpi – online, free photo-editing software, template for motivational posters

IV. Wow Factor – PD Moment: This item will be tabled due to WOW planning.

Volunteer for next time? Would anyone be interested in providing us with a short presentation for Professional Development at our ___meeting?

V. Special Interest Topics:
a. AzTEA Board Meeting
Innovation Awards – Sandy and Laura were able to help present them: fantastic to be able to award them in person.
Discussed Listserv and some of the issues related to it. Improvements have been made.
Drupal training webinar was held last Saturday for officers to update AzTEA website.

b. Mini-Geek Fest Workshop - Monday, April 11 8:00 - 9:00 pm
Kim Thomas and Peggy George hosts it monthly – Please join them along with people from all over the world.

c. AzTEA Innovation Awards 2010-11
d. AzTEA Qwest Grant Winners (Round 3)
Encourage Qwest winners to create video for posting for WOW conference.

e. Eastside Workshops:
iPod-iTouch Training, Tuesday, April 5, 4:30-6:30 Tempe AZ - see brochure for details
GoogleTreks with Alice Christie, Wednesday, May 11, 4:30-6:30 Tempe AZ - see brochure for details

VI. Westside Workshops
a. Scratch webinar
Bonnie Feather has started a new job, but will be working to see if she can do this. Congrats to Bonnie on her new position: Associate Superintendent for Coconino County.

Hope to be able to do some face-to-face workshops next year.

VII. WOW Conference: Ruth Catalano
  • 9 Hotspots – looking for lunch sponsors: Douglas, Round Valley Public Library, Troxell Communications-Phoenix, CCS Training Center-Scottsdale, Flagstaff District Office, Blue Ridge-Lakeside, River Valley High School-Mohave Valley, Yuma, CCS-Tucson, Blue Ridge USD
  • Peggy is doing a great job coordinating.
  • Need more volunteers
  • Hopefully Hotspots can provide coordinator and facilitators.
  • Need presenters for each session to introduce people.
  • Looking for more people to tweet about the conference
  • Excellent that there are Hotspots all over the state
  • Peggy gave a tour of the WOW Moodle site – Live as of today!
  • Elluminate and LearnCentral are sponsoring Elluminate access, so we will have unlimited access for attendees.
  • Discussed possibility of converting sessions into mp3’s to load into iTunes.
  • Many thanks to Ruth, Peggy and Paula for all their wonderful hard work!!!!!!!!!

VIII. Next meeting: Monday, May 9 - Elluminate! 2:00-3:30pm
Motion to adjourn by Ruth Catalano
Seconded by Sandy Israel