Date: Monday, May 9, 2011
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Location: VIRTUAL meeting via Elluminate
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Log in 15 minutes early to verify setup/run audio wizard. Please use a headset if you will be using audio, or you can type in the chat window.

In Attendance: Laura Sheehy, Peggy George, Ruth Catalano, Ruben Montoya, Jen Lane, Sandy Israel


I. Welcome
Roll Call: introductions by participants

II. Business (old/new)
a. Review/Approval of minutes
Motion to approve the minutes - Ruth
Seconded by Peggy
Unanimous vote of approval

b. Pot Luck

Westside AzTEA Pot Luck Dinner: Year-End Celebration - May 16, 2011

Our End-of-Year Celebration will be held on Monday, May 16, 6:30-8:30pm at Ruth Catalano's home. We want everyone to come and help us celebrate another great year whether you have been able to actively participate in meetings/events or not. Please indicate whether you will attend and what food item you will bring to our pot-luck dinner: Pot-Luck Dinner. Come and join the fun!
To view the responses to help you decide what you'd like to bring:
Final discussion of plans for Pot Luck
Laura will send out a blast to Westside membership.

c. Additional nominations for officers? No additional nominees

d. Election of officers:
Nominated last week:
  • Co-Chairs: Laura Sheehy, Sandy Israel
  • Secretary: Ruben Montoya
  • Workshop Coordinator: open
Workshop coordinator description: finding people to present either virtually or f2f, organizing it and spreading the word via flyers and email.

Motion to vote on the slate of officers as presented - Ruth
Seconded - Peggy
Unanimous vote of approval

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)
a. Unable to attend ISTE in person? Check out attending virtually:
There are a couple of ways to participate in ISTE virtually. The ISTE Unplugged sessions are free.

b. Eight Ways to Support Teachers Integrate Technology post:

c. Sandy talked about Mission US program. She has successfully used it with 5th graders.
Peggy added Saturday Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar on Mission US and Kim Flack/Joanne Henning presented it. It was fantastic!

IV. Wow Factor – PD Moment:
Volunteer for next time? Would anyone be interested in providing us with a short presentation for Professional Development at our ___meeting?

V. Special Interest Topics:
a. Mini-Geek Fest this month (TONIGHT) Monday, May 9, 2011, 8:00-9:00pm PDT (AZ time)
b. Mobile Learning Experience 2011 Blog
Wonderful resources, incredible blog by attendees. They offered an incentive for blog posts. Substantial blog posts were entries into drawing for iPad. They like the combo of lodging with the conference because of the additional collaboration opportunities by everyone being in the same place.

c. Anyone else have a tech initiative to share today or at another meeting?

VI. Westside Workshops:
Tabled for the summer - yes

VII. WOW Conference Report:

Report on WOW: Ruth Catalano & Peggy George

  • 90% of door prizes have been mailed out. Have enough books for volunteers too. Only one door prize went out of the country. 14 AZ winners during the actual conference sessions.

  • Notice sent to everyone for questionnaire: some receive it twice. Over 90 have completed the survey.

  • Ruth is retiring as the cheerful volunteer of the WOW Conference.

  • The conference was extremely successful. Biggest challenge has been the participants finding the certificates. Chats were phenomenal and filled with extra information.

  • Douglas and Riverview in Mohawk Valley had very successful HotSpots. Presenters were great. Range of attendees from all over the world.

  • Peggy quickly brought up the Moodle environment to show what was happening. Participants can still register for the Moodle environment to access the recordings. Links to recordings are on the page with chat log. MP4s of recordings are posted as well.

  • Link of Passion Driven resources is also available. Items will keep being added. Conference certificate links are posted as well.

  • Peggy is doing a great job keeping the Moodle updated. She encouraged everyone who enters the Moodle to respond to introductions. Her goal is for every post to have at least one response.

  • We had 170-190 people in every Elluminate session.

  • Great job Peggy, Paula and Ruth!!!

VIII. Next meeting: Monday, September 12, 2011
Suggestion to have evening meetings next year. Question about whether we are meeting in person or virtually. Virtual may be the best option, especially if at night. We'll send out a survey to get feedback. Laura will send out the survey in July around July 18-19.

Motion to adjourn by Ruth.
Seconded by Sandy.
Unanimous vote to adjourn.