Date: Monday, October 4, 2010
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Location: VIRTUAL meeting via Elluminate
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In Attendance: Jen Lane, Peggy George, Ruth Catalano, Sandy Israel, Laura Sheehy, Kim Flack, Barbara Baum, Katie Salch

Agenda / Minutes

I. Convene Meeting/Welcome
Roll Call: introductions by participants

II. Business (old/new)
a. Review/Approval of minutes
Ruth made a motion to approve the minutes, Sandy seconded it.
Vote: Approved - 5, Abstain - 1

b. Westside Workshop Coordinator - position open : still open, looking for a volunteer
Kim Flack offered to help with advertising/planning

c. Meeting times and venue: virtual or F2F
Laura to send Doodle to find out if another time for our next meeting that would help more people attend.

d. Still looking for form responses
Up to 18 responses!!! Small increase over last month.
Suggestion to offer a prize with the survey. Drawing from the names of those who complete the survey. Jen Lane offered to complete a free on-site 2-hour training in class for the winner. She will work one-to-one, or with the teacher and class (limited to Maricopa County teachers). Kim & Barb offered to tailor a distribution list to help with sending out the survey. Laura to follow-up with Kim & Barb.

e. Goals for 2010-11 and Action Steps
  • Goal 1: Host events and use Elluminate, Wikispaces and website to share, showcase and explore the integration of technology, curriculum and innovative instructional strategies.
  • Goal 2: Increase participation and communication with membership and stakeholders using current technology tools and advertising the value of being an AzTEA member.
  • Goal 3: Host 9th Annual WOW Conference - 1st Virtual
  • Goal 4: Westside members will commit to offering and/or actively soliciting a monthly Elluminate webinar presentation for professional development.
- Review of goals and wording for possible changes. Discussion about goals and measuring them. Action steps/timeline are the way to accomplish goals.
- Katie suggested soliciting for members before each event. A short movie before activities/webinars to talk about membership in AzTEA.
- Katie volunteered to start working on an AzTEA promo. Peggy has lots of pictures to draw from.
- Peggy expressed concern about Goal 2. It's hard to encourage joining without a clear expression of the value of joining. We need Board support and decisions. Concern about having the goal without the Board decisions.
- Jen suggested a possible partnership with IDEAL for discounts on classes for AzTEA members.
- Katie suggested creating a Google doc / Peggy said a Moodle for storing resources for members.
- Westside have a Moodle to store workshop archives. Peggy mentioned a goal about incorporating Moodle in our workshop planning for members only.
Unanimous vote to reword goal to include a Westside Moodle environment for AzTEA members to access recording/resources.
- Refine goals as we need to after we have finished action steps. Right now, use the goals as a framework. Vote: Approve - 6, Abstain - 1
It was not a vote to approve the Goals.
- Set up Moodle course and password protect it. Discuss with Brett to set up. It will be a separate log-in from signing into the AzTEA website.
- Reviewed action steps document and made some updates to it.
- Other webinar suggestions: Discovery Streaming and ASSET/PBS resources
- Bonnie Feather has volunteered to do a Scratch webinar.
- Jen Lane said she would talk to TISs about hosting and facilitating F2F hot spots for WOW. (possible action step to help WOW planning committee)
- Action step to create planning committee for WOW with Ruth as chair. and recruiting members.
- Everyone contribute action steps. We will be revisiting each meeting to check progress.

f. AzTEA News (from AzTEA Board Meeting)
  • Qwest Grant - Fall Deadline Tomorrow October 5.
  • Website updating: Laura will be meeting with Brett to discuss.
  • Content Vendor Expo - November 20 at Madison District Office Moved to January
  • AzTEA Conferences - discussion later in meeting
  • T&L Conference - October 19-21, 2010 - Phoenix Convention Center Hosted by National School Boards Association
  • iNACOL Conference - November 14-16, 2010 - Glendale, AZ
    International Association for K-12 Online Learning
  • Mega Conference - November 16-18, 2010 - Litchfield Park, AZ
    Hosted by ADE - Focuses on Title I of NCLB - Quality Programs Powered by STEAM

    AzTEA has a big room and split it into 2. Looking for partnership to help. Simulated classroom and asking anyone experience teaching with technology in relation to STEM to come in morning and help. Ruth said we could use 1 volunteer per morning (at this point) we're only doing M/T/W from 8-11:30 I think. Last year we got in free but were not expected to attend any sessions or eat any meals with the conference group.

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)
Brainstorm new concept or focus for this year's meetings?
Possible ideas:
  • Create a "Resources" page on wiki that lists the resource and describes how to use it in the classroom.
  • Consolidate tried and trues from existing wiki either place.
  • Looking for a person to "manage" wiki updates and organization.

a. Wikispaces PD Presenter Toolkit wiki - Laura
Wiki of tools for conducting trainings about wikis/Wikispaces

Sandy shared a wiki about iPads as instructional tools from ISTE webinar she attended.

b. Monthly "Mini-Geek Fest" - Monday, October 11, 8:00 pm
Always 2nd Monday of the month. Peggy and Kim Thomas co-host and have attendees from around the world. Sharing about anything about technology in education. Recording and chat log posted on AzTEA calendar event and on Join and the AzTEA group:

c. Can anyone share about Discovery Education's Streamathon - Sept. 14th
View presentations here
Wonderful opportunity to learn about features in Discovery. Some of the services discussed and presented about AZ doesn't have. They give tips about incorporating video and other resources into your lessons.

d. Discovery Education Fall Virtual Conference - Saturday, October 23 - starts at 9am ET
They present about a wide variety of tools and using them in the classroom, not just Discovery tools. Mini presentations by DEN Stars. Become a Star and gain access to more resources and tools. Presentations will be archived as well.

Peggy shared about Education Forum today between 2 and 4. It's a panel hosted by Steve Hargadon and Edutopia to discuss for one hour and then take an hour of questions comments about Education Reform. If you miss it, it will be recorded.

Anyone have something to share today or next time?

IV. Wow Factor – PD Moment:
Experience PBS 2010! ASSET Educator Institute
Links Document
- handout about online experience site
Amazing day of resources! Document of links shared above. If you aren't a member of ASSET, join
Teacher's Domain - teacher accounts, student accounts - great resources.

Volunteer for next time? Would anyone be interested in providing us with a short presentation for Professional Development at our next meeting? (Or at a future meeting)
Sandy volunteered to present at the next meeting about information from ISTE webinars.

V. Special Interest Topics:
a. Anyone else have a tech initiative to share today or at another meeting?

VI. Westside Workshops
a) Ideas / Planning
b) Yolink Webinars - Peggy Tentative Dates: October 18, Nov. 1, Nov. 15, 7:00-8:00pm
Ann Lumm and Peggy have been meeting with Yolink trainer. Will include teachers who are actually using Yolink. Will be recorded as well. Yolink is a search enhancement engine. Session will have information, hands-on, and tasks to do before next session.
c) Commitment from Bonnie Feather to present on Scratch in November. Session will be recorded.
  • Ideas for title of workshop: Scratch and Learn or Need creativity in your class? Scratch and Grow
    Weds. at 4pm in November via Elluminate, Offer workshop twice - possible second offering on a Mon. at 2 - Suggestions?
  • Suggestions for title (reflect the title): Scratch that Educational Itch: stories, games, music online
  • Suggestions about times: offering twice - Weds at 4pm and second offering on Friday at 2 pm

VII. Conference Updates (Peak, Tucson, WOW):
a. Peak/Peer Coaching Summit - Saturday, November 6, 2010
b. Teaching & Technology Conference - Tucson, AZ - Saturday, January 29, 2011
c. WOW C3 Conference: Virtual - Saturday, April 30, 2011
Report on WOW: Ruth Catalano
  • Encouraging people to go to link and give feedback on opening and closing speakers. Until the survey is done, Ann won't be able to solicit a presenter.
  • Next step will be a meeting with CCS and Troxell who may be offering opportunities to use their platform instead of Elluminate.
  • Peggy will be talking to Elluminate about having more seats than the regular 50.
  • Peggy talked to Elluminate and that the representative didn't think there would be a problem. Asked her to submit a request for 200 seats. First impression, it won't be a problem.
  • Next WOW planning team meeting after decision about speakers.

VIII. Next meeting: - Monday, November 1 - Elluminate! 12:00-1:30pm?
Laura to send Doodle with different times for the Monday to see about a better time for meeting.

Sandy moved to adjourn.
Ruth seconded motion to adjourn meeting.