Date: Monday, November 3, 2008
Time: 12:00-1:30pm
Pendergast Learning Center

In attendance: Laurie King, Peggy George, Rosy Escandon, Ruben Montoya, Ann Lumm, Jan Irvin, Dave Beard, Jonathan McMahon, RaeAnn Fox, Sandra Israel


I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Business (old/new)

West side brochure will be presented at the December 1 meeting. We will then discuss the storyboard for a promo video.

Workshop Topic Brainstorming for 2008-09.
Proposed dates for workshops: November 18* (Tuesday), December 8 (Monday), February 2 (Monday), April 6 (Monday). The Cartwright Training Center has been booked for all dates from 4:00 until 6:30.
The first workshop on Tuesday, November 18, 4:30-6:30pm will be held at Ruth Catalano's home and will focus on sharing and exploring the K12 Online Conference. An invitation will be sent to all Westside Leadership team members but space will be limited so be sure to RSVP right away so you don't miss out. Bring your laptop with wireless access (if possible) so you can get the most out of this exciting experience. We'll be ordering pizza and you're welcome to bring dessert, snacks or favorite beverage to contribute (but not required).

If you have a topic that you would like to have presented or a desire to present, speak now! Topics suggested during our meeting include:
Wiki creation for High School curriculum project on American History (Ann Lumm)
Heling math/science teachers use IDEAL to become highly qualified teachers and participate in a learning community (Jan Irvin)
Second Life for teacher professional development (Laurie King)
Use of streaming video "Beyond Videos" to learn how you can maximize the use of this tool with students-focus will be on science or social studies content areas but will also include the use of streaming video for oral language development. (Ann Lumm)
Google Earth and practical uses for all content areas (build on Alice Christie's ISTE Webinar presentation including the use of GoogleLit) Tentatively scheduled for December 8 and Laurie volunteered to facilitate/present if Alice isn't available.
Other topics welcome! Suggest a topic and volunteer to be a presenter!

All workshops will be recorded and broadcast live via UStream.

5 minute discussion:
Do we want to require AzTEA membership for participating in these workshop or possibly a fee for the workshops with a reduced fee for non-members? This relates to our previous conversations about what we are offering as benefits of being a member in AzTEA. What other issues should we explore related to Westside workshops and professional development opportunities?

Must we be AzTEA members to participate?
-won't have people/lack of attendance
-Peggy if everything is free then there's no reason to join, only join to present the conferences, on MECC and NECC
-Johnathan - how much does membership jump during those times?
-$10 fee for workshop fee towards membership
-if they don't pay they don't get the hours
-Jan...we need the people and the communication
-many agreed with fee for clock hours
-can we give pd credit for those participated via ustream for members

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)

IV. Ed Tech Website of the Month:
Something fun to share with your friends. :-)
Here's my candidate for President. :-)

If you're not tuning in occasionally to listen to some of the fantastic webcasts on EdTechTalk, you definitely should. There are 12 different shows each week related to education and web 2.0 and all of the shows are archived. Sign up for their free weekly newsletter and get links and highlights from all of the shows of the week. (I'm one of the weekly newsletter editors--Peggy)

One webcast this past week (EdTech Weekly) celebrated their 100th show by sharing their top 100 links from their first 100 shows. It was incredible to experience this show as they truly covered 100 links with comments in less than one hour. Check it out. You'll find some great sites and tools!

This webcast last week featured several amazing primary teachers and a very lively chat room. Be sure to take a look at their class blogs to see some of the wonderful things they are doing with their students (links below)
This week our guests were Kathy Cassidy from Moose Jaw SK , a grade 1 teacher,
Leah Welch from Hamden Maine, a grade 1 teacher and formerly a kindergarten
teacher, and Amanda Marrinan from Brisbane Australia who teaches 6 and 7 year
olds. These teachers do amazing things with their students - blogging, video,
moodle, google docs, and more. Kathy, Leah and Amanda shared their practice and
talked about the details in how they make things work. The time flew as we all
listened to the stories of their work with young children.
Kathy' classroom blog
Leah's class moodle -- login in as guest
Amanda's classroom blog

If you're interested in exploring some of the Diigo functions for student research to share with your teachers, this is a good (short) screencast that demonstrates how one teacher is using it with 12th graders for taking notes.

If you'd like to see some great resources your teachers could share with younger students on election day, this is great. The students have used technology in very interesting ways to prepare their election commercials.
Check out Mrs. Abernethy's Global Gorillas Election Website!
and read about our class election on my blog, Authentic Learning:

This is another fantastic source for election-related materials for K-12 with 240 bookmarks shared on Diigo in a group organized by Lucy Gray called "K-12 Government/Election Teaching Materials." There are lesson plans, activities, teaching resources and primary sources.
Lucy's blog, High Techpectations has some fantastic resources for web 2.0 tools that are well worth exploring.

V. Special Interest Topics
a. Come prepared to share any tech initiatives you are using in your district such as professional development models for teachers to earn technology equipment, etc.

A fantastic project wikispace for students: Creative Web Tools For and By Kids
Creative Web Tools For and By Kids is a project designed for students, ages 8 to 12, to use emerging technologies for engaging, thinking, learning, collaborating, creating, and innovating. The focus is on the use of free, open-source, or minimal cost tools, so the project can be replicated. An underlying goal is to demonstrate how advanced technological applications for enhancing learning can be implemented with only a computer and Internet access.
For an example of a project created by a student, check this out.

A brief glimpse into an evening with the K12 Online Conference (Peggy)
Some excellent presentations on the topic of global collaborative learning AND participation in a live culminating event "When Night Falls"
Kicking it up a Notch
Connecting Classrooms Across Continents: Planning and Implementing Globally Collaborative Projects

Kim Cofino Bangkok, Thailand & Jen Wagner California, USA
KICKING IT UP A NOTCH KEYNOTE: “Time to Grow” Vicki Davis, Camilla, GA and Julie Lindsay, Doha, State of Qatar
Note: In this presentation Julie and Vicki used a "green screen" technique to make it appear that they were together doing the presentation but they were actually in the US and Qatar. :-) If you'd like to know more about this you can view the keynote presentation by Dean Shareski for Flat Classroom 2007 here where he provides some video instruction for the teachers and students, and his special tutorial video about creating a green screen presentation.

Julie Lindsay, When Night Falls moderator/conversation resources I learned about in the conversation:
What it means to be an educator in the 21st century and the value of Personal Learning Networks (PLN)
Flat Classroom Project 2008 wikispace with keynote from Terry Freedman
21st Century Learners: Professional development at Qatar Academy that makes the shift happen

Ustream channel for Australian educator: Charlene Chausis (Educating Educators)
Chat transcript from Elluminate for part of this conversation:

b. Updates/news from IDEAL and Maricopa TISs
c. Any great new tools or resources you would like to share?

VI. ISTE Webinar Series
Purchased by AzTEA-several webinars held at Madison District Office (GeoCaching/Dr. Alice Christie; Digital Storytelling/Bernajean Porter; Educational Vodcasting/Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams; Blogging in the Classroom/Janni Black; GeoEarth/Alice Christie). Next webinar on November 5, 2:00-3:00pm (Howie DiBlasi on global classroom projects) (Note time change with change in daylight savings time--it is 1:00pm Pacific Time, 2:00pm Mountain Time) If you're interested in hosting one of these webinars in your area, please contact Priscilla Lundberg to reserve a date.

VII. Conference Updates (Peak, Tucson, WOW)
Saturday, November 8, 2008 (Special Administrator event on Friday evening)
.... 10th Peak Performance Conference -
November 8, 2008 at Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff, AZ
Dr. Howie DiBlasi, Keynote -
The Power of One: Changing the World of Education One Teacher at a Time//
Final program, schedule for day, hotel information, map and driving directions are posted on both the AzTEA website and the AzTEA wikispace.

VIII. Leadership Development: Managing Up 1:00-1:30pm (professional development time for anyone who wants to participate)

a. Read The Art of Managing Up

b. Sharing Out Strategies of Managing Up


No Surprises


Provide Solutions, Not Problems


Be Honest and Trustworthy


Be Loyal and Committed


Understand Your Boss's Perspective and Agenda


Understand Your Boss's Preferences


Understand Your Own Management Style


Depend On Your Boss's Strengths


Recognize Your Boss's Weaknesses


Be Aware of Your Manager's Hot Buttons


Request Feedback
external image moz-screenshot.jpg
external image moz-screenshot-1.jpg

Don't Go Over the Boss's Head


(Notes captured with cell phone camera and uploaded toQipt to convert to PDF.)

c. Additional strategies posted on the blog Transforming Teaching.

IX. Next meeting: Date/Place/Location Confirmation
Monday, December 1, 12:00-1:30, Pendergast Learning Center (come early if you want lunch from the cafeteria)