Date: Monday, November 2, 2009
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Location: VIRTUAL meeting via Elluminate

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In Attendance: Sandra Israel, Peggy George, Coy Ison, Nan Williams, Tracy Rexroat (ADE)


I. Welcome

Roll Call: introductions by participants

II. Business (old/new)
a. Review of Minutes Approved as written.

b. Secretary position still open

c. Please check your contact information on the Members page, and update if not correct.

III. Share & Solve (continuing this popular agenda item to allow members to ask questions, brainstorm/share solutions, and share new technology discoveries)
a. Anyone have something to share today or next time?
Phil Tulga: Music Through the Curriculum - Playing Fraction Pies (adding fractions to make rhythms)
The Fraction Pie Rhythms activity connects your knowledge of fractions and equivalency to musical notes and rhythms. Simply choose your fractions and press play — your fractions will transform into a musical composition you can see and hear! You can also change the time signature, email rhythms to your friends, and select between four playing sounds: 1) Taiko drums, 2) Clapping, 3) Orchestral Snare drum, and 4) the sound of Water! Includes many other creative musical experiences: Field Trips (Aztec Drum Rhythms, Drum Language in Ghanaian Schools, Drum Language of the Congo), Language Arts, Math and Science, Homemade Instrument Projects. Excellent for students who learn best through other senses beyond language such as ELL, Special Ed, but all students will be engaged with the projects and benefit from them. Be sure to check out the Cucumber Pickle Machine. Phil shows students how to make rhythmic meters by combining two and three syllable words, i.e., pickles and cucumbers. In this activity you can make your own meters with this talking Cucumber Pickle Machine.

IV. Wow Factor – PD Moment: Brain Rules

Sandra Israel

What is it and example for use in the classroom?

Volunteer for next time?
Would anyone be interested in providing us with a short presentation for Professional Development at our December 7th meeting?

V. Special Interest Topics:
a. Report from Ruben Montoya on Wiki Space updates. (unable to join us today)

b. Anyone else have a tech initiative to share today or at another meeting?

c. Next Month: Mark Nichols will be presenting an update on IDEAL and student data.

VI. Westside Workshops: Ann Lumm, Chair
a) November Workshop – Kim Flack and Peggy George – November 4, 2009
Workshop Topic: Flip Video Cameras in the Classroom & Digital Nation (will be postponing this workshop-new date coming soon; not enough registrations for Nov. 4)
b) Workshop Brainstorming: Use Elluminate to capture these workshops to archive them and make them available to people who aren't able to attend? What other issues should we explore related to Westside workshops and professional development opportunities?
c) Workshop Ideas

VII. Conference Updates (Peak, Tucson, WOW):
Peak: Join us for this new workshop opportunity at PEAK this year. You can register to participate either face-to-face in Flagstaff if you want to travel to see the beautiful fall colors (or snow??) or you can participate virtually from your own home or with a Phoenix group at ASSET. See this wikispace link for details about virtual participation and registration for the workshop.

MEC 2010: There is an AzTEA discount for this conference that requires a code when you register. Contact Peggy George if you want the code. If you register before February 16, 2009 the cost with the discount is $140.00--after Feb. 16 the cost goes up to $190.00. The keynote speaker for MEC this year is Steve Dembo from Discovery Education and he is a fantastic educator/presenter! (

Report on WOW: Ruth Catalano

Information provided via email from Ruth and Priscilla in Mexico who couldn't get connected for our meeting:
The big thing I wanted to report is for Priscilla to tell about the MEGA conference event coming up on Nov. 17-19 and that WOW is partnering with them to get the flash drives for Kellis teachers. The price national of drives (espedially the 1gb size went UP a $1 in the last 2 weeks so we got 250 512 mb WRIST BAND usb's at $8.50 each. 110 for Kellis and the rest will be given out at Mega conference for new members or renewals at the $35 rate. We are looking for people to "baby sit the exhibit hall, our booth and the mock 21st "Century classroom Priscilla has set up.
The keynote speaker for the MEGA Conference is Sir Ken Robinson which we be fantastic!!

VIII. Next meeting: Monday, December 7 - Elluminate! 12:00-1:30pm