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Our goal is to model communication and collaboration within the AzTEA organization as well as demonstrate the power of a wiki to teachers and administrators around the state.

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Upcoming Webinars -

To view last year's workshops and webinars sponsored by Westside AzTEA, visit our Workshop 2010-2011 wiki page.

Your Westside 2011-2012 Officers:
Laura Sheehy - Co-chair
Sandra Israel - Co-chair
Ruben Montoya - Secretary
open - Workshop Coordinator

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Westside AzTEA Meetings
We will be posting both the meeting minutes and agendas for our leadership meetings on a separate page in this wikispace.
  • Our goal is to have the proposed agenda posted a couple of weeks before each meeting.
  • If you subscribe to the RSS feed to keep track of changes you will automatically receive a message either in your feedreader or your email letting you know there has been a change on the page.
  • We review and approve new chapter goals for each year in our first meeting.
  • We encourage you to add proposed items and topics of interest to the agenda because we want our meetings to reflect your needs/interests. If we can't fit it in for that meeting (time constraints) we'll move it to the next month's agenda.
  • We're hoping that all of you will review the proposed agenda in advance of each meeting so you will know what is being planned for discussion. This will allow you to bring along your resources and ideas to share during the meeting. We're looking forward to some very active participation throughout the year!
  • During each meeting (usually the last half hour) we will hold a professional development time to present and discuss issues, challenges and strategies for management of educational technology in schools/districts. Anyone can volunteer to be a presenter/facilitator for these sessions.
  • We plan to use ustream.tv to broadcast our meetings so people who can't get away from school/work at that time can either join the event live and participate in the chat room or view the archives later. We are also planning to stream all of our Westside workshops this year.
  • Participants in our monthly leadership meetings can receive a certificate for re-certification credit hours.
  • Each month we highlight district technology websites from around the state to learn more about how these sites are organized to support teacher technology use in their schools/districts. Anyone is invited to volunteer to share your site(s).
  • Another regular agenda item is sharing/problem solving which is a time anyone can bring up questions and obtain advice from others in the group.

Image by FlamingText.com
Image by FlamingText.com

Westside Workshops 2009-2010

Workshop Dates and Possible Topics: (all will include hands-on participation with technology)

Activity for K12 Online Conference LAN Party
Sample Wiffiti used during LAN Party-changed to ISTE 2012

​Chris Betcher's Presentation: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=463

URL for Chris Betcher's presentaton resources and links mentioned in the presentation:

URL for viewing all K12 Online Conference 09 videos: http://blip.tv/search?q=k12online09

Schedule for all presentations for K12 Online Conference: http://wiki.k12onlineconference.org/home/for-participants/2009-schedule


Explain the K12 Online Conference as a tool for professional development. Share ways participants are using the videos for PD either personally or in schools/districts.
View "Ways of Working" presentation by Chris Betcher together.
Discuss presentation (content and video process). Which of the tools are you already using? Share ways they are being used. Which of the ideas/tools were new to you? Share ways you might be able to use them in your teaching.
Explore other K12 Online presentations individually and share discoveries.
What are some "Ways of Working" with technology that inspired you from Chris's presentation? Add them to the Wiffiti.
What are some ways you have used or might use mobile phones or flip video cameras for student learning?
What are some ways we could use IDEAL and Discovery Streaming to incorporate some of the ideas shared by Chris in his presentation and how could these ideas be shared with others? Add your ideas to the Wiffiti stream via website or mobile phone text.

Wiffiti Screen: http://wiffiti.com/screens/20745

Text: @wif20745 + message to 87884

Keeping Track of Changes
Wikispaces allows you the opportunity to monitor a page through your email or better yet subscribe to the available RSS feeds.

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