This page will be used for viewing live and archived video streams on the AzTEA Livestream channel for selected AzTEA events and occasionally a few relevant YouTube videos related to teaching and learning. Content will change when we are streaming live. (Apologies for the ads that appear at the beginning of each recording you view, but that is the "price" for free web tools like Livestream.)

*Current event in Livestream: WOW Conference, Saturday, May 1, 2010: Kevin Honeycutt, Keynote Speaker.

Currently available videos in Video on Demand:
*Dr. Tim Tyson (Closing Reflections for WOW 2008)
*Creative Commons video
*Students in Action:Changing the World in 5 Minutes-Every day at School
*11 year old demonstrating Power Teaching with a 5th grade class
*AzTEA Gala Awards luncheon in March 2009
*Westside Leadership Team Meeting, Monday, April 6, 2009. There are 2 parts to the video: Part 1 is the entire business meeting, and Part 2 is Laurie King's Professional Development presentation: "Inbox Zero."
*WOW Conference, May 2, 2009: There are 2 parts to the video. Part 1 is the opening welcome messages and Part 2 are the Web Awards and Key Note Speaker, Dr. Howie DiBlasi
*BYOL session recorded at NECC 2009 of a presentation by Rushton Hurley: Cool Tricks for Making and Using Video"
*Tony Vincent, keynote presentation at T&T in Vail, AZ, Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010. (Note: this is a partial recording due to lost internet connection but the full recording will be posted very soon)
*Recording of Welcome, Opening Remarks and announcement of Qwest Award Winners at T&T 2010.
*AzTEA Gala Awards Luncheon, MEC 2010, March 16, 2010: AzTEA Leadership, Innovation and Service Awards; Qwest Digital Classroom Leaders.

NOTE: If you would like to watch a specific video rather than view the stream, click on the link at the bottom of the Livestream screen for "On Demand" and select the video you would like to watch.