WOW Virtual Technology Conference Planning

WOW Virtual Technology Conference

April 30, 2010

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Subject: WOW Planning Meeting notes
Date: September 30, 2010 7:47:43 AM GMT-07:00
Greetings and thanks so much for the group (small but mighty) that were able to participate in the planning meeting yesterday. This Virtual conference is a totally new experience to me at least and I absolutely treasure all the support and input.

The agenda included looking at schedule, delivery mode, and presenters. The part we felt needed to be addressed ASAP was securing the keynotes (we are proposing a strong opening and closing session for the day with nationally known presenters). In order to let Ann Lumm (our contract/contact person) a chance to get started we identified a field of individuals we would like to join us. I would appreciate your input into this 2 question - prioritizing- activity No later than Monday Oct 4.

Please prioritize your choices for speakers for the Opening session and for the Closing session for our WOW 2011 Virtual Conference. The final list of presenters will give Ann Lumm the order for contacting presenters to find out who is available. Hopefully we won't reach the end of the list without finding a presenter for the opening and closing sessions :)

I've invited you to fill out the form WOW 2011 Presenters for Opening and Closing Sessions. To fill it out, visit:

Thank you Laura for the survey.

Ruth Catalano
Cheerful but nervous Conference Chair

Planning Meeting, Wed. September 29, 2010 (held in Elluminate)

Recording link for Elluminate planning meeting

Reminder of Weds WOW Planning. We will be doing this virtually based on RSVP received - this way more can be involved. If you haven't done an elluminate before Peggy & I will be in the room from 4 PM and the meeting starts at 4:30. Please do your audio check before 4:30 - you can always turn off the mike and keep working then "drop in" at 4:30 and we'll get going. This Google.doc is the agenda and you may want to look it over before the meeting. Ruth
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WOW Planning Meeting 9-29-10