Thursday, January 17, 2008
Cartwright's Training Center
4242 N. 51 st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031
S/W Corner of Glen Rosa and 51st Ave (1 block North of Indian School)

Social Networking: Do You Know How Your Students are Connecting Online?

Workshop for teachers on social networking sites their students are/may be using. The goal is to provide a very brief overview with a couple of visual examples of a number of different social networking sites, and then to provide hands-on time for people to actually explore a site of their choice to become more familiar with it.

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Enjoy our workshop photos. If you hold your mouse over any picture you can temporarily pause the slide show. If there is a caption on the picture it will appear when you hold your mouse over the photo. Only presenters have been identified by name.

A very dedicated group of teachers participated in this late afternoon workshop at the end of a long day to learn more about Web 2.0 tools and social networking sites. Thanks to all for your commitment to improving learning for your students! You are fantastic! Workshop presenters: Peggy George, Steve Andrews, Dave Beard, Irma Sandercock
Ann Lumm, photographer; Rosy Escandon/Heather Jancoski, site facilitators

Tentative Agenda for Workshop:
Welcome, introduction and workshop agenda/purpose (10 minutes including login time on laptops)
Overview of Social Networking (Peggy)
MySpace/Second Life/video gaming overview (Steve)
FaceBook overview (Laurie)
VoiceThread overview (Dave)
Internet safety with social networking (Peggy)
Brainstorming uses of social networking in classrooms and workshop evaluation/certificates (Irma)
Hands-on time to explore various social networking sites (30 minutes)
Discussion/brainstorming re: possible classroom uses for social networking (10 minutes)
Time adding suggestions for social networking on the Westside Leadership AzTEA wikispace SANDBOX to demonstrate how participants can begin exploring the use of a wikispace (NOTE: since only one person can edit the wikispace at a time we will have to use one person as a recorder for the brainstorming that will be added to the SANDBOX). Participants will be able to continue to use the SANDBOX after the workshop to explore the use of the wikispace. URL for adding ideas during brainstorming time (Google Doc)

Wrap-up/final questions/distribution of Professional Development certificates/workshop evaluation (10 minutes)

Dave Beard (VoiceThread)

  • Navigate here for help documents with screenshot that explain both how to create a free teacher account and how create free student identities within your account.
  • (Most Popular with Dysart Teachers) Great Blog Site where teachers can create student Blog accounts while controlling and moderating them.
  • Another great Blog Site where teachers can create student Blog accounts while controlling and moderating them.
  • Yet another Blog site for teachers and students. Better for the more savvy teacher and or students. Requires some code importing abilities, but looks awesome.

Handout for Creating a Voice Thread Account

Handout for Creating Identities for Students in Voicethread

Laurie King (Blogging, Social Networking, FaceBook)
My Resources:

Steve Andrews (Second Life, MySpace, videogaming)

Peggy George (Ning, wikis, internet safety on social networks--will prepare email announcement, post on AzTEA wikispace, and create RSVP survey on SurveyMonkey so we'll know who is planning to attend and have an email address to send out a reminder)

Food for thought: Are There Educational Uses for Social Networking Tools?

Other good videos that provide an overview of students today that could be shared with teachers at your schools.

Resources for workshop--not all will be used in the presentation but they provide some excellent supplemental resources for additional exploration of social networking in schools.

YouTube Playlist Compilation of videos related to Social Networking

Description: Videos related to social networking: social bookmarking, Diigo,, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, cellphones, blogs, wikis, internet safety, Second Life, etc.

AzTEA on You Tube

I have created a special group on You Tube to compile and share Web 2.0 videos with other educators. Videos can be newly created videos by participants and uploaded to the group, or videos found and saved from YouTube. The compilation of videos are those that I've found informative, helpful and entertaining related to schools, teachers, technology and Web 2.0. You are invited to submit a request to join the group if you would like to access the videos or upload your own videos. This will provide an easy option for uploading videos to wikispaces, blogs and websites by obtaining the embed code after uploading to YouTube. Please submit your own favorites for inclusion on this site. It will make a great place for you to return and select certain videos you might like to use in professional development events (if You Tube is not blocked in your school/district).
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Web 2.0 Technology Videos (created and managed by Peggy George--feel free to contact me with questions/suggestions)

Presentation incorporates slides and information from PEW/Internet presentation by Amanda Lenhart (see URL above)
Presentation incorporates slides and information from PEW/Internet presentation by Amanda Lenhart (see URL above)

Video for closure (time permitting) on recent MySpace feature news story-Channel 12 (article with related video and link to tips on how to check out your child's teacher on the Web)

Here is a fantastic opportunity for you to extend your learning about Web 2.0 tools--a Saturday workshop, free-of-charge, lunch provided. Phoenix area. If you can't attend the conference you can view the presentations online (but you have to register). Sign up for the conference here:

Virtual Conference Flier (PDF)

Virtual Conference Schedule (PDF)